Sinners Of Britannia is a role play site based off of the popular manga/anime Nanatsu No taizai, taking place long after the events which transpired in the manga.
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 Character Rules

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PostSubject: Character Rules   Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:30 am

I Thou shalt not have more than five characters. This is to prevent the site from being cluttered with dozens of characters written by the same person.
~ Of course, we are not going to simply give you five characters.

  • You start off with 2 characters 
  • When one hits Emerald「翠玉」(C-rank) , you unlock a 3rd. 
  • Once one of them reaches Ruby「紅玉」(B-rank), you unlock a 4th. 
  • Once one of them reaches Diamond「金剛」(SS-rank, you can have a 5th. .

II Thou shalt not attempt to subvert rules I. We have ways of finding out who made what character. Seriously, it's not worth the trouble.

III Thou shalt not roleplay until your character is approved. We have an application process for a reason. Until a staff member approves your character, they are not to be used in any way.

IV Thou shalt be creative. Don't copy any characters from the anime/manga, or try to bring a character straight from another anime/manga.

V Getting rid of characters. Most threads on the site will be kill-able, as in you can die without giving permission to another character. Of course, you can also sell off your accounts  to people who wish to own a character you do not wish to have anymore. 

  • As a bit of compensation for having a character killed off, we will allow you to fill that newly emptied character slot with a character of equal or lesser rank. So if your Platinum Holy knight gets pawned in a trap, have fun with your shiny new Platinum character. 
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Character Rules
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